Saturday, May 12, 2007

Missing Praises

Thank God its Saturday! It was a very busy week and I really miss so many things. One of those is doing the daily praise and worship song jamming I used to have with either myself or my sister. This is when I listen to purely Christian music along with my supposed to be daily devotion. Unfortunately, I was so hooked up with tons of work in my job and with PinoyExchange - SG kingdom thread. PEX is where I enjoy having forum conversation with other SG fans whom some happened to be a believer. However, I failed to do what's supposed to be my first priority.

Is this worth doin'? My conscience is knockin' my head, and my heart moresover.

On the other hand, while im mingling with other people in PEX, i got to share as well the goodness of the Lord through grace sharing with material blessings and encouragement. But still, my conscience is telling me not to forsake the most important thing which devotion. It's where I could reinforce my spiritual being and be alive and fighting against the odds of living in this complicated world...

It'll be Sunday tomorrow, glad that I'll be able to come to our worship service again. Thank God that we're living in a free country where we can freely do this. And it's Mother's Day tomorrow! :D HAPPY MOTHER's DAY NANAY! :D

What's more? It's my day off from Sunday school too...good time to spend the day with my mom :D

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