Saturday, November 10, 2007

10 Things I'm Grateful About

Saw this on TLW website, and I'd like to share my list of 10 things I'm grateful about too :D

1.) Jesus - without him, the hole in my heart wouldn't be filled in & I won't understand that the road to heaven and hell are completely different and that there's no bridge from hell to heaven when you get there....
2.) My family - though conflicts arise occassionally, I know that we loved each other.
3.) Job - there's no perfect job, and anywhere I go, dissatisfying things on it are present. Hence, since my current job had been sufficing my every need with extra penny to spent for some gifts or sharing to the ministry, I'm grateful about it. Besides that, I had free time for Sunday school, free internet to deal with new friends online, and check about anything that interests me.
4.) Bible, The Daily Bread, The Daily Word, etc. - God's means of communication....without the help of these, life is just an empty cycle everyday...
5.) 4PM - my favorite time of the day where the sun shines @ its best
6.) Blue Skies and cottony clouds - nice things to see and feel you closer up there
7.) Music - can't imagine life without this
8.) Sky Flakes - to the rescue during starvation and weight management
9.) Iced Tea, Iced Green Tea, Lipton Red Iced Tea - refreshing, when you need that thirst quencher
10.) Television, radio, cellphones, computers - total entertainment package!


Let's see your list too, I'm tagging you guys:

Nie, Harbie, Tinsters, Pafe


harbie said...

natuwa ako sa SkyFlakes... didn't see that one coming. hahaha! =)

nice 10! gotta go the pensive mood to think up my list. =)

islandICE littleprayers said...

hehe, sa lahat kasi ng crackers, sky flakes ang the best!