Monday, April 30, 2007

The Teacher's Vindication

Being a Sunday school teacher is not a joke. If it seems easy to deal with young kids, well, its certainly not true. Kung may pinakamahirap gawin, yun eh yung turuan ang mga bata. Its actually very critical, 'coz whatever you teach them, then they will adapt and they will think that its right. So if you're giving them misleading facts or knowledge...then, there's a high risk that they will grow up downsidedly.

I teach to kids ages 10-12, and I must say that these were the most inquisitive stage as they really ask every single detail and every single why and how on the things you're talking about. Since we're practically tackling values, Christianity and being Christ-centered individual, a very sensitive care should be given off.


Last Sunday, I was on my day-off in Sunday teaching. We attended the 7:30AM service. To our surprise, our head pastor have asked that the testimony be shared by the children. Then I saw two of my students getting ready to testify their wacky but sensible stories.

It was Aldie who came first, I was surprised and clueless what will he share about the goodness of God in his life. Being his teacher, I must admit that I don't know if I'm being effective every Sunday sharing and telling them bible and people stories contemplating on the right attitude and Christian values for children and as an individual. Then he started by saying, he had stole 100 pesos before, and he was not contented, so he attempted to stole an even bigger money amounting to 500 pesos, however, he was to get caught so he never pursue. But because of God's grace, he was enlightened to the fact that stealing is bad...through reading the bible and by the influence of his teachers.

The second one to testify was Horace. This kid is not an ordinary boy, he was one of the naughtiest and stubborn in the group. He always tease the other kids or make fun whenever he sees something he thinks as funny. He share the story of how he used to cheat with his school exams. Whenever he would fail in his test, he would take his papers and put a check mark on the wrong answers so his score would pass again. Then he would show it to his mom who's trustful to the boy. For a time, he said he was doing this until his teacher told them that cheating is a no-no.

I felt glad upon hearing them, 'coz it was really unexpected that day. That morning I was feeling low about my teaching, the way the system goes, but then, hope comes again that I can make a difference even if the system is not outstanding. Its just a matter of perseverance and focus on glorifying God through these children. In my heart, I know that I am really thankful at that moment. The feeling of being like a robot who stands in front of those kids every Sunday, talking endlessly, seems melted. What I felt that moment is an urge to do do better...'coz God is helping me make these kids respond. I witnessed God's miracle in a simple way.

Again, I bring the honor, praise and Glory to God...

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