Saturday, May 12, 2007

Breaking Tears: Mon-mon @ Wowowee

If you have watched Wowowee today, you might have seen Mon-mon singing Hawak Kamay.

He is a special child of one of the contestants in Wowowee and I am certain in saying that is child is a wonder boy. :D Despite his condition, he's a smart kid, who's good in spelling and could even sing that Yeng Constantino's inspirational hit song. I was wondering how he could deliver the song when being asked by host Willie Revillame to come to the stage and sing 'coz its his favorite according to him.

But then, silence dwell among the people in the studio as he starts singing. He could hardly speak because of his defects, and when he sing out the lines of the must have been using this boy to realize how blessed we normal human beings are! It seems every words of the song is well matched to what he is going through that even if me and my mother was only watching in television, tears broke out as we hear his song.

I couldn't contain my tears...its a mixed emotion of happiness, pity, encouragement, and inspiration...I will find a video link for you to check it too.

An added blessing for Mon-mon, Willie announced later in the show that the famous movie director Maryo J. Delos Reyes is interested in getting Mon-mon for a movie.


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