Monday, December 22, 2008

It's My Birthday

Another year...another day...another hour...another second...a life of ups and downs. I am now beginning a new year, should I say happy birthday or happy new year to me?

Its my first birthday in the North, and its not as happy as in the South. I prefer being there, but I have the best thing with me today. I would be lonely, but I am not...I am sad, but I'm happy....I am with no love but I love you.

Thank you to my Lord for all the things you brought into my life, good or bad...happy or sad...painful or's a handful mixture of everything to make me realize many things.

And today, I felt the most wonderful feeling of being cared for, thanks to that one good person. And I am with my dad today...thanks to PJ again for them.

I'll wake up tomorrow, gonna work again...gonna face another plain day in this cold stricken prairies....snow falls....wind blows...and I am a year older.