Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Season for all Seasons

Christmas has been long time celebrated everytime December comes. But do we really appreciate the true value of Christmas? Perhaps yes, as we grew up in a norm of belief that it is the time for love, sharing and forgiveness. But is it worthwhile practicing these virtues every once in a year only?

The word Christmas comprise of two words compounded in one, Christ + mass. As the word implies, its Christ's legacy that earth came to know and celebrate Christmas. But why do we love only during these time? I came to the think that it could be because Christ promotes and teaches love, which is the ultimate cause of all things that Christians should do according to His word, and the ultimate cause why God send his Son to this world.

Christmas per se is a tradition passed from generations to generations, in varied languages and culture. Celebration is portrayed in different form from festive to solemn commemoration. This is because we are not bounded to follow any form of celebration, as long as it signifies the fact that we are celebrating Christ's birthday though December 25 is not the exact one. But the true fact nowadays is that, this occassion has become so secular that people are more inclined to the festivity rather than the meaning of it. Everytime this time of the year approaches us, we thought more of buying this, that and everything, from new clothes, to glazy food, etc. We tend to focus more on material things to make the feel of the season rather than the spiritual value attached to the reason of the season, and moreover to feel its importance in our lives.

Why is Christmas an important season?

I was always told since grade school that Christ is the reason for the season. But then, I realized that it ain't true to the fact why Christ was sent here. It took me 21 years before I could learn and ponder the truth that Christ is only the "Bridging reason" why we have this occassion, but it is us people, man, who is the "Ultimate Reason", with love as the ulitimate basis.

John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Christ was born, lived and died on the cross just to become our Saviour. If not for us, Christ would have not come to the world and live with us. The Father sent him because man is binded by sin to the punishment of death, and just because of this priceless love the Father have, we have Jesus who saves us.

Therefore I must say, because of this fact, it is just right to keep Christmas as an everyday occassion, a season for all seasons. A season that dwells not only during Decembers but live in our hearts for the ultimate reason that we, ourselves is the cause of it.

There is much joy accompanying this season of the year, isn't it more joyful if we celebrate it all year round?



harbie said...

well said! =)

in some places, it seems more like Halloween everyday, than Christmas. hehe!

islandICE littleprayers said...

hi ate harbie :D thanks for droppin by hehe, yeah, for some, its like hell everyday and if not, they make everyday a hell for others....:(