Monday, March 10, 2008

Love Like Rain

Inspired by a new song from Daniel Doss (I actually don't know him until I heard this song).


How do we love like rain?

Rain freely pours whenever the water in the clouds gets heavy. Just like the drops of liquids that evaporates in the air, love is continuously sown by our heart. Whether we like it or not, our heart is meant to produce that emotion, its sense. But when we just keep that sense intact within the walls of our hearts, it becomes a heavy burden just like the cumulunimbus clouds. The clouds that has too much water on it looks gray, and produces lightning and monstrous thunder because it cannot let the waters flow and be a blessing to the living creatures on earth. Therefore, like the clouds on a gray and sunnyless day, let your heavy hearts release that love to water the dried soul of our fellows. Live, laugh and love like the rain....