Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Restless Over In Motion

What a day to start with: I got updates about SG In Motion concert, and it start my stressful Tuesday this 12AM! Its really cracking me up whenever I visit SG site coz the people are so restless waiting for more new press releases for the SGIM event on July 14, 2007.

I'm not used to watching concerts, but I guess, this time will be a good time :D

My day at work was not very good, I had several errors. So there you go, I had been highlighted again, another day with bunch of issues. Really stressed over my work :( Back home, I still work and work 'coz 8 hours seems to be not enough to do all my load. I wish my Monahans could end its life really soon!

I feel so tired right now, but I was rattled by more SG updates and new SGIM poster (the whole one). Sarah was so gorgeous, but, but.... the leggings is still not spared! That's why she stays at the 2nd spot of my gorgeous list...how about that!!!??? haha

At least I was a little bit relieved from my stress learning new updates...what a heck...SG is becoming my favorite hobby now!

Restless maybe, restless over SG, over friends, over PEX...oh, what I life I had! I wish I could just marry a man today LOL!


Before I wrap this up, I encourage you to listen to Christian praise and worship songs. So uplifting! To God be the glory! You're worthy of praise!


Oh mighty and Holy God, thank you for this day, for the moments to feel stressed that I may humbly seek Your Kingdom and acknowledge Your power over all things. If I never felt this way, perhaps I could never think of thinking about You and Your mercy, Your power and grace. Despite my shortcomings and stubborness, You keep on making difficult things resolved for me, without my own hands doing the works of resolution. You are working in mysterious ways, ways we cannot see, we cannot understand, but those ways always makes things possible. Forgive me Lord for at times, I loose trust and faith through demonstration of anxiety over things I cannot control. I lay all the things that makes my life difficult before you Oh God. You have the power to control, You have the power to make all things possible, and I rest my trust in You that by tomorrow, when I come to work, You have already make everything alright, with your instruments to the rescue, arriving at the right time and the right place. Thank You Lord!

Please take care of my family afar from us. Good night God....Amen.

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