Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mumblings from a Song


Its the beginning of fall, yet it felt that Winter has arrived. The wind suddenly blow its breeze and freezes my long-standing coldness inside. I remember you as much as I try hard to forget. Then I hear songs, music and melodies…and once more I’m haunted by the glimmers of the forest where we left our hearts from a not so distant past.

The songs remind me of a vivid story, the notes are speaking to me. It won’t stop, it fills my mind… my recollection is coming back. I was once floating around, not knowing where to find myself anymore. Should I thank the sweet sounds? Or the melancholy of the hymns? I almost die before…or perhaps I died for 3 minutes, and came back to life not knowing you…only to find out today that I live to be your unforgettable one.

I went from zero to my own hero. You help me down but I got up, I see it all…I see it now. I’m missing you so bad, and its only myself to blame.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hardest Part of All

Broken Chain Unchaining my heart that's holding on...needless to say...its learning to move on out of what is used to be  your comfort zone is the hardest part of all. Until now, I still can't believe I'm going through this thing. I am not like this, I used to be a type of person who does live and let go, however, when you found the place where you want to be forever, a sudden break away would be like a chain pulled out of the depths of your soul, leaving everything broken....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It Rained!

It starts raining now, after a day full of clouds while the sun hides but transmits its presence. Its been gloomy…I don’t like it, though the wind vindicates the oddness the day brings.Droplets

I wish it rained tonight, hoping its gone tomorrow, and I’ll see the sun again. My heart’s been in anguish these past days, and I can’t help but try to contain it. I don’t want to feel this way, though I did feel it, its presence is like these droplets of rain…its everywhere and makes my heart cold.

But hold on, someone keeps coming to the rescue, bringing a small lamp of compassion with the fullness of blessed affection. It is warm, it is bright, though it produces small rays of light, it opens my eyes to a wider possibilities…

The rain suddenly stopped, and I realized its almost morning…soon I’ll see the beautiful sunrise from the east.

I-4 US

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Testing my New XPS laptop

I just said goodbye to my ACER lappy, now I’m saying Hello to my new Dell L502X sandy bridge lappy Smile cool!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Originally uploaded by isla_yelo
My soul is thirsty, my mind is empty
There's a hole in my heart
Word of God speak to me
Hold my heart for it belongs to you.

Restore me, restore my soul
Fill my mind, and fill my heart
Hold my broken heart
Breathe on me and revive my soul.

Sing me a song
Bring me to sleep
So my eyes can rest
From the river of tears it tries to suppress.

My faithful, hear me
Let our brokenness become whole
We will be still
For only to Your shield is where we can go.

Don't turn away from me
If ever I had walked away
I pray for your grace and mercy,
To welcome my return.

Rescue my stubborn heart,
Teach it to follow
Teach me to trust in You.
Teach me to sincerely revere You.

Your precious blood
It washes away my iniquities
Great, great is thy sacrifice
Great is thy love.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Like a Bird

Birds flight
Originally uploaded by isla_yelo
"I'm like a bird...I only fly away..."

Yes, I'm like a bird, flying away wherever the wind blows. I need a master, to show me which direction to go...so I'll end up in a safer place.

Like a bird, I need not to worry...because as birds fly freely over the waters...I too can walk on to life's journey with God providing all I need.

So like a bird, I say there's no need to worry. Like a bird, let us put our trust to our Maker....