Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mumblings from a Song


Its the beginning of fall, yet it felt that Winter has arrived. The wind suddenly blow its breeze and freezes my long-standing coldness inside. I remember you as much as I try hard to forget. Then I hear songs, music and melodies…and once more I’m haunted by the glimmers of the forest where we left our hearts from a not so distant past.

The songs remind me of a vivid story, the notes are speaking to me. It won’t stop, it fills my mind… my recollection is coming back. I was once floating around, not knowing where to find myself anymore. Should I thank the sweet sounds? Or the melancholy of the hymns? I almost die before…or perhaps I died for 3 minutes, and came back to life not knowing you…only to find out today that I live to be your unforgettable one.

I went from zero to my own hero. You help me down but I got up, I see it all…I see it now. I’m missing you so bad, and its only myself to blame.