Friday, May 25, 2007

If You Only Got 100 Years To Live

As I listen to this Five for Fighting song-100 years, I realized that what if I only got 100 years to live??? (I wish so...)

I'm 20+<30 right now, and I could say, achievement wise, I don't have that much except that I have made myself commit to serve in the ministry, vindicating myself while glorifying God as I see how my kid students are learning.

If I got only 100 years to live, I might probably do the following:

- Finish my commitment in my job
- Get out of my job
- Go to the north pole by next year
- Go back to the lower north pole after my adventure to the north pole
- Find a good husband (LOL)
- Get married @ 27 or 28
- Bear kids @ 28 or 29
- Put up my restaurant business with my sis
- Live a hopefully happy family life
- Cope up with the troubles of kid-raising
- Cope up with the troubles of projected cold relationships (hope this won't happen)
- Cope up with the difficulties of aging
- Retire @ 65
- Put up a foundation after my retirement
- Continue to serve in the ministry
- Focus on healthy living while aging
- Be a living guide to my descendants
- Wait for God's final call before I leave earth

Sounds weird, hehe but its all in my thoughts, and I don't know why. Well, its all for the sake of thought, and as I've said before, I should not pre-empt God's plan for might be completely different, but for sure its the best.

How about u? What will you do if you only got 100 years to live?


My today's advice by the way is: Never give up on anybody, miracles happen everyday! wow! hehe

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