Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The UPlitista

Blogging has never been this fun, while checking my multiply site, i noticed that Abi, the girl whose part of SGIM site creation had posted in my guestbook. She just made a heads up that the site is all up now. So I went to her Multiply site and leave a note of thanks and congratulate her for a job well done. The site BTW really rocks! hehe

I learned that she's part of that site creation thingy because she posted it in her blog. And as I've run through it again a while ago, I can't help but laughing and be entertained with the way she writes her blog entries in Tagalog. Taga-UP indeed, very humurous with her punchlines and bloglines that just pounds reality in your head. She does mention an account of encounter with the name of that fictitious text world superstar-Ederlyn, whose by the way, I only got to knew last year while everybody else does.

I would say she could make a great writer, however, looks like she's into IT, and she's pretty whining about this nation that gives more importance to nursing and call centers rather than "sining" or art. I was a bit moved by that, 'coz somehow within my nerves, I have some passion for simple artworks. :P

Well, there'll be more days to come and I'll be looking forward for more of her kwela stories.

You can also check her blog link @ http:\\

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