Monday, May 21, 2007

Patience in Motion

I went to a Ticketnet outlet near my place to pick-up my 10 LB ticket reservation for SGIM concert on July 14. I was a bit awkward to spell out what show am I going to buy tickets for, 'coz it seems that I'm the only one whose buying showtickets this afternoon. However, I still manage to get composed and act as if its nobody's business (which really is!)

The saleslady in the counter asked how many am I going to buy, so I told her that I have 10 seats reservation already, but would need 14, coz there are 2 people who asked me to bought them tickets too. The lady seems to be surprised by the quantity I just told her and somewhat misunderstood me, thinking I was just going to buy without that reservation. Good thing she thought of clarifying it to me. So it was cleared and settled.

The first batch of tickets to be printed out were the 4 without reservation. I will have to charge all the tickets to my Visa, coz I don't have cash, and the people who ride in my purchase will pay me sometime later. Well, charging the amount doesn't make a difference, coz the price is just the same as cash purchases (PHP1,575 for LB +PHP 10 res. fee - incl. of tax).

And so the tickets were printed, and the saleslady, to my patience, was really having a hard time transacting my purchase in that POS terminal. Seems it was their first time doing that transaction, if not, perhaps its not often that people buy showtickets in that branch of Ticketnet. It took around 20 mins to finish the first transaction.

Now, come to my 10 seats reservation, it took the saleslady another 20 minutes to check where in that dumbed computer is my reservation. This saleslady had even asked the other cashier in the CS desk how to view that ticket order, and when she does succeed accessing the list of reserved seats, the monitor had shut down (LOL). And the lady, with the other fellow 2 cashier were a little bit rattled there.

To no avail, they failed to do the transaction of my reserved tickets in the next couple of minutes, so I've waited another 10 mins until their Supervisor came to do the transaction herself. It was almost "thanks to her", but again, the problem now is that she doesn't know how to enter the payment in the POS, so she called another saleslady again to do it. I don't know if its right for me to just stare and patiently wait....

Finally, my purchase was fully completed after 1 hour and 20 mins. And whew! my credit card was charged PHP 20K+in just a span of time! I seldom do this, but so to not loose that opportunity to get those good seats. Anyway, I'm happy though, what a day in the mall again!

Next step is to wait until July 14 comes.

Thank God that even if its a Monday, its not really manic so I felt pretty cool until now. :)

Have a good day to you too!

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