Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 Hours with a Friend from Beyond

Just arrived home an hour ago with my 'lil sis from a full packed-2 hour meeting with someone we met just today. She was our friend we got to know from PEX. I thought I was the only one who's shy during first meeting with someone I only knew by the net, somehow, today just proves again that I'm not alone. There are people who's even more shy than me...haha. Perhaps, the emotions that startling most of the not so outgoing people doing their first so-called eyeball is a "strucked moment". Its a feeling like you don't know what to say because the person from the other side of the cable is now in front of you. I felt the same way when I met up with Mira, she's the first friend from the space that i met personally. Our first meeting was not really dull, 'coz I tried to be as friendly and relaxed as possible. Good thing that there's a lot of things we commonly like. Mira is also with us today, and she was amply generous in paying for our EK pass.

Entering the park today was unplanned 'coz we are to go to another commitment by 5PM, and its already 3 o'clock when we arrived there. Somehow, the 2 hours was worth the time 'coz I've seen my sister and the 3 fellows with us enjoying each other.

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