Sunday, April 22, 2007

Surprise Day Off...

Well, this morning was a relief....God must have noticed me...I really felt tired 'coz I haven't got a day-off from teaching in Sunday School since we began re-formatting the class last February. I was teaching children of ages 10-12. Most of the time, I would tell the story related to the topic assigned for that Sunday, then later on, I would bring back the question and analogy of the values and story to our present time. Glad that the children are responding at anyhow.

Today, Avic, the teacher's team leader, brought me the good news that Dess' sister (Dess is my counterpart handling ages 10-12, we are shifting in short) will join us handling the 10-12 group. Thus, she told me to take the day-off next Sunday :)

Its not that I'm complaining or getting tired of serving in the ministry. As a matter of fact, this duty is only a dot compared to what God is doing in my life now. He has been so faithful to me even if I am unfaithful. I just felt that my physical body just don't go in harmony with my spirit at this point, need some time to refresh myself and ponder on how I could improve in my way of teaching and influencing those children to be the person that God wants them to be.

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