Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why It Feels Great to be a Pinoy?

My cent-worth opinion, more than a week delayed for me to post it here, i was sort of busy last week and its just now that i find time to put together my thoughts...


Why do it feels great to be a Pinoy?

Honestly, there's so many things why I had to be ashamed of being a Pinoy, but then, I would like to say I'm proudly Pinoy for the following reasons:

- When I was working with a Japanese national during my freshmen days in electronics industry, they were so amazed to the dedication that Filipinos do, despite the very low salary that Pinoy's are being offerred, still, we can deliver excellent and high quality output because that's what we are binded to do. Filipinos, as my Japanese mentor once said, are very smart people, hardworking and easy to deal with.

- In the events of calamities and havocs, I really admire how these people could recover after the storm. Perhaps, we are used to these kinds of situations, but even though, its not very easy to lend a smile after unwanted circumstances. Moreover, I love how Filipino people are keeping the faith after all. I believe that we are still God's blessed people because when things gets rough, and nothing's left to resort to, we leave it all to God. Unwanted events must be God's way to remind us that He is still here for us, and I'm amused to think that Filipinos must be one of God's favorite people.

- Pinoys are great inventors. Imagine if Agapito Flores did not discover the development of flourescent lamp? The discovery of bio-fuel as well is monumental, one of the most promising energy source today, that if only given the rightful support from different sectors, I guess we could have cut costs one of the primary expeditures we have.

- Pinoys are regarded as one of the happy faces in the world (I heard this in the news recently)...even if we are sick, we are used to say that we are ok and lend a smile. I remember a relative who's sufferring from a breast cancer. When we visited her in the hospital, we knew that she's not really well, but despite of the weakness and pain, she still extend her fading energy to accomodate her visitor and kept on smiling all the time. It was hard to laugh when you feel the pain, but nonetheless, being a Pinoy, we can carry on to laugh. I believe that the saying "laughter is the best medicine" (as taught by our teachers since primary schooling) dwells within each one of us.

- Pinoys are sweet, gentle and loves like no other - this is in the sense of true blue Pinoy culture...Take for example the traditional "harana", the musical Pinoy-style courting...that even foreigners find it enjoyable and sweet. Perhaps our custom of being family-oriented caring individuals had greatly impacted the way we could love others.


This will be all I guess, could think of other reasons, but my time is constrained now :D

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