Saturday, June 9, 2007

In Flight - Sarah's New Album

I just wanna express our big thanks to Chuckie for keeping us up to date on what is happening on Sarah's upcoming new studio album. This was hyped to contain a different Sarah music, not much of the "birit" thing where Sarah was made to known.

In Flight, according to Chuckie is planned to be released by July, more or less simultaneous with the concert or her birthday but nothing is concrete yet.

Among the composers who contributed their songs are: Chuckie Dreyfuss, Louie Ocampo, Medwin Marfil (of True Faith) and Trina Belamide.

(info courtesy of chuckie in his blog hehe)

Sometimes, I felt like Sarah's album was out there so I would enter the record bar to find reality back that I was just hallucinating! :P haha

kaloka! super kaloka!


I hope its July already...para may something new naman na mapakinggan :D

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