Sunday, January 9, 2011


Originally uploaded by isla_yelo
My soul is thirsty, my mind is empty
There's a hole in my heart
Word of God speak to me
Hold my heart for it belongs to you.

Restore me, restore my soul
Fill my mind, and fill my heart
Hold my broken heart
Breathe on me and revive my soul.

Sing me a song
Bring me to sleep
So my eyes can rest
From the river of tears it tries to suppress.

My faithful, hear me
Let our brokenness become whole
We will be still
For only to Your shield is where we can go.

Don't turn away from me
If ever I had walked away
I pray for your grace and mercy,
To welcome my return.

Rescue my stubborn heart,
Teach it to follow
Teach me to trust in You.
Teach me to sincerely revere You.

Your precious blood
It washes away my iniquities
Great, great is thy sacrifice
Great is thy love.

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