Thursday, February 5, 2009

Turning Back

It's been a while, and I was so out of tune in almost everything about my faith. Its hard to start a life in a totally strange place, with everyone around misunderstanding each other. The good thing despite this is that there is a God who keeps loving us. Even if we forget all the best things He had given.

I should testify about it, as what I have been thought all throughout these years. But I never foresee that if your surroundings is against what is right, you'll need all stronghold bared before you to sustain your grip against the currents.

The torrents that my spiritual life had experienced is unexpected, and I am still pondering what happened to me. Now, I felt I'm being pulled out of the swamps where I stumbled upon. I know and I can really feel that no matter what I've done wrong, God still loves me. He doesn't want me to totally fall into the pit of profanity and deception.

Let me thank God again, because its really best to always turn to Him, and turn back to Him should we stumble.

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