Friday, January 2, 2009

First Month, Second Day

It's 2009, new year, new beginning, new chapters in life. I'm happy spending this new start with you...and tomorrow will be the 1st month mark. Just glad that we did made it through...

I'm feeling the jitters, but its unavoidable...and things won't change, because it's still all about us. My love is unchanged...and nothing can be done about it right now. The longing won't end...perhaps until we meet again.

My hope is for you to be safe and cheerful always. Think that you're not alone and I'll always be around to stand by you. I'll keep you for the rest the days....even if the part time things fade away...because you are the best among them all.

It's the second day of the first month, and it makes my 2009 sweeter than ever.

Thank you for everything. As always...

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