Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thankful on a Sunday...

Sunday once again, and the day is about to end, a new day will begin in a few minutes. As I wrote this, I am thinking of thanking God for keeping us safe all throughout the day, for His unending love and his just-in-time blessings. No one ever comes really mighty than You, and I will praise You Lord forever.


My eyes are very heavy now. I was a bit tired but the day is worthwhile coz we have managed to went into Mamavic's father's wake. I was a bit nervous coming in, afraid we won't catch any of them there and yet we don't know anybody except them. Glad there's her, Mamu is still home sleeping. We stayed there for a couple of hours until Mamu arrived. Chat a little bit with her and we bid goodbye to go home, its getting late and we will travel back to our provinces. Good thing the expressway is clear, I reached home @ 9PM.

Thinking of all the circumstances around, with the gels and all other kaboks, I was just amazed that we are this bonded together. It was only a past time back then when I started posting in our thread. I never imagined that we could reach this far of bonding...of course, we are like a family...and families share each other's burden, from laughter to sorrows... And I'm just glad that God's leading passes by in this point in time. I learned a lot from these new people I've met, and I thank the Lord for them as He uses to teach me real things in life...

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