Thursday, January 31, 2008

Road Crash Deja Vu

It was awful to come across two road accidents today. At 5:45AM this morning, I was riding in a bus going to work when soon enough; a picture of an immobile body appears before my eyes. Two motorcycles crashed into a pick-up truck while trailing the curve of the Governor’s Drive going to Dasmarinas. As the bus slows down, my eyes are wide awakened with the scene of seemingly lifeless men in the road. I felt horrible about the incident, what if that person is one of your friend or relative. I don’t want to see people in the process of dying. It’s just too painful to see even if you do not know them. To compose myself again, I closed my eyes and pray to God to have mercy on those people, if there is still an inch of life with them, let Him shed mercy for those men to live.

The 2nd accident happens just a few meters from the spot of the accident this morning, and it happened in the afternoon between 4~5:30 PM. It’s like déjà vu, I was suddenly awakened again. I would normally sleep on trips going to and fro back home. It makes me wonder what’s in this day………


Life is short in deed, and our stay on earth is indefinite, we don’t know when it is time for us to leave this place……and therefore we should live it to the fullest with a life that gives glory to the Father, so whenever that time is, we are assured that we have made our purpose here on earth.

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