Saturday, August 25, 2007


It had been a while since my last post. I was so busy at work, with all the Monday holidays for 2 consecutive weeks, what more could I expect but a compressed day of work. The bright side is that I could take my backlog and work on it at home by just connecting to VPN tunnel. But its not an advantage at all time because once you're trouble with the factory folks, you cannot say no and avoid working during midnights and weekends.

I once thought that being a planner is quite rewarding, but with all the redundancy of the cycle and the extensiveness of details you're dealing with everyday, I now realized that its "killsome".

Killsome, yes, it is. Because you plan a lot of things to help your company excel in satisfying its customer, yet you cannot plan your personal life well due to the fact that the time spent at work is killing what supposed to be for the time for yourself.
If "Patience is a virtue" does not exist, I guess I wouldn't be around this workplace.


Its weekend, and I felt that I need a whole day sleep...well I don't blame it all to work coz I just got off so late today, I got hooked again to Pexing and browsing forums and blogs. Just like now......

I'm stubborn, isn't I? :P

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