Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Starry Starry Addiction Overtime

Starry Starry Addiction Overtime
August 13, 2008

Admiration, fanaticism, whatever you call it, all boils down to one word that is “ADDICTION”

Every once in a while, I must say that I get addicted to someone whose influential and well-known - could be an artist, a singer, a sports player or an entity. I still remember when I really got hooked up to Erik Menk that I never missed to watch every game of Tanduay where he is still part of it even if my favourite team overall is the San Miguel Beermen. And then to Bojo and Rico and Claudine that catching Gimik and other primetime shows in Channel 2 where they appear is a dire for me. When the world wide web leaped ahead crossing the millennial era of Y2K bug going to the age of “virtual society”, my favorites also jumped miles away from local artists to the Celtic pop rock sensation – The Corrs, whom I was caught with following everything about them via the internet.

With the cyworld here to stay as my aid, my unstoppable habit leads me to more favorites, bringing me into cross cultural interaction with other fanatics in the likes of Meteor Garden follower, Jerry Yan and Kim Tae Hee fanatics…back down to homegrown Sarah Geronimo’s fan. Here I have talked, chat and mingled with a lot of people including celebrities, all via the net. Several of these peeps have become my friends, of which some I have met and some stayed as virtually friendly buddy as they are.

Of course, unlike diamonds, addiction does not last forever, and mine has 1 year to get saturated, well every person has different saturation point before dropping one addiction. Those “apple of the eye” are still in my favourite lists, but I’m not really spending more time with their stuff unlike in my addiction stage. The best thing perhaps about being an “Addict” is that you make significant and unexpected friendships out of those interactions arising from common factor among you.

I would appreciate the kindness of Anna Martinez, a book author and co-The Corrs fan who have made a lasting connection by sending us a tin whistle. Hence, everytime I tried to play that thing, I always remember Anna. It’s just sad that we don’t have a correspondence anymore because her old email doesn’t work now. Maybe if she happens to read this, she can contact me thru this blogsite….

Mira, Dayee and other folks from the KTH Pinoy Angels clan are unforgettable too. Mira and Dayee have shared a fun and wet ride with us in EK, and that was my first meeting with Dayee in which her “I hate this! I hate this!” expression makes an adorable sight that she become an instant friend to my little sister. Moreover, Ate Elsie was another heaven’s sent. Our common interest extends from our favorites to spiritual and family sharing over a Jollibee Yumburger :)

And speaking of spirituality and inspiration over fanaticism, I don’t know if there’s more special bond I have developed with my so called virtual friends than with the PinoyExchange girls from SG thread. YouTube is notable too…coz I met a friend via the SG video I uploaded, whom have shared dictatorship and unconditionality with me, but I love this friend of mine.

The friendships I got with the PEX peeps extends to more than just a starry starry admiration, but to a family that brings the beauty of  friendships and helping hand. Hence, SG, though my addiction to her had reached its maximum point, she still has a special place in my register. I am very grateful knowing several people from this importance, and they are now playing part to help me cope up with my lonesome and sickening life stage. It makes me realize that perhaps, fanaticism is negative, but God designed life with its negativity to bring out the best positivity particularly in times you needed it most.

After all, I am still turning my eyes to the Supreme Maker, my Lord and Saviour. Despite my starry starry compulsion, an overtime with the friends as a result of it is worthwhile then…..

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