Monday, July 7, 2008

An Afternoon @ the Bayside

Spending my last few weeks here is not as easy it seems, its overwhelming actually. Even though, its so nice to see once more the usual stuff that can only be found in the Philippines. Last Sunday, I revisited my favorite mall with some friends and my sister, and here are some sights we got.


This is Manila's fine sunset, surrounded by gray cloudy skies, the beauty of the sun shines still.
Passing Sunset

Dancing water @ the middle fountain. Not very spectacular but nice to see at least because we don't have this at home :P
Dancing Water

The bayside walk at the back of the mall, one of the very friendly ideas of Mr. Sy feeding the Pinoy way of spending Sunday afternoon.
Tram Stop

The Manila Skyline...(view from MOA)
Manila on Sunday

And of course, the scenery of one lazy Sunday afternoon, with Pinoys just spending recreation time sitting and chatting with friends and loved ones. This is one of my favorite picture here.
Bayside Afternoon Treat

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