Monday, February 4, 2008

The Basic Rules For Daily Living

This is the first thing I saw in my Inbox today...I do not really feel well since yesterday. As rule # 1 here states, take 20 minutes for myself @ the beginning of each day, so I am writing this here as my first 20 minutes today.



1. Take twenty minutes by yourself at the beginning of each day.
2. Live above small troubles by losing yourself in big, worthwhile interests.
3. Grow every day; life is a game; keep your eye on the ball, rather than on the scoreboard.
4. Have power to see things through; keep remembering that most accomplishments are three-fourths drudgery, and one-fourth joy.
5. Alternate your interests. It is better to be busy than bored. Balance your life with work, play, love, and worship.
6. Be gracious to others; do kind deeds beyond the call of duty; remember that every person is fighting a battle.
7. Talk over your problems with others- with confiding friends, your doctor of medicine, your minister, your God.
8. Work and co-operate with God, praying that God will do something through you rather than for you.

by Thomas Kepler

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