Saturday, November 10, 2007

Silent Annoyance

I can't sleep so I decided to blog about the cause of my insomiac-like scenario. My rude and rubbish neighbors strikes again with their volume to the max sounding videoke machine. I wish the rain pours down tonight so they would go inside their empty houses and just shut their mouth out. I'm so annoyed, but I can't go out and yell at them to make them stop or else, I'll  be in trouble knowing how would they react. It'll be less of a torture if they sounded like a singer, the thing is, they are like drunken masters, singing the so-called "beerhouse songs" till their throat broke down. I wish I was outta here at this moment.

I really wish it rain tonight...these are the times when i love the stormy seasons...

1 comment:

harbie said...

if you can't stop them, join 'em. *lol*